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Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years, 10 months ago

Second Day of Educamp had less people at the beginning, and ramped up over the course of the day. Conversation was very organic with few formal flow considerations.


  • Community Colleges
    • Good talk that illustrates the growth of community colleges from highschools.
    • Talked about how some people circumnavigate highschool (wish I did this) by attending JCs and getting GEDs.
  • Generalism vs. Specialism
    • It seemed that we concluded that the labels of generalist and specialist were very misleading and mainly erroneous.
    • Institutional coercion to specialize is a bad thing.
  • Our Idea Of Education Is Fundamentally Wrong
    • Talked about some of the history of our modern education system.
    • We need to integrate more inspiration and passion into the systems we come to build.
  • Talk about Geometric Algebra, Inferential Calculus, and Systems Theory
    • Scientific development has led to very intuitive languages that are still ensconced in ivory towers.
    • As it is, we learn "rudiments --> non-intuitive formal languages --> intuitive formal languages", we should shift to "rudiments --> intuitive formal languages --> non-intuitive formal languages"
  • Meta Conversation Addressing Educamp
    • I pointed out the shameful absence of young people (highschool/gradeschool). So we are going to contact some organizations to see if we can get them to come to the next Educamp.
    • Thought of explicitly inviting experts in relevent fields, though we would not guarantee them slots, as this is not the Barcamp way.

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