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Contributing, yay!


As a BarCamp event, everybody must participate somehow. Here's a list of ideas on ways to participate at EduCamp:


  • Give a presentation!
  • Help out with a presentation
  • Publish notes of a presentation
  • Take pictures at the event
  • Talk about the event
  • Blog about the event
  • Make sure others are contributing
  • Help with setup and cleanup


Here's some STUFF we'll need one way or another and you're more than welcome to help with:


  • Lots of paper to put up schedule, registration, etc (Got it - CaseyG)
  • Nametags (Taken care of, pens as well - CaseyG)
  • Snacks (non-messy ones)


Things that would be nice:


  • T-shirts (find sponsors?)
    • Idea: A picture of a golden calf with the word "Education" written underneath.


9/11/ - Um, done. Though the quality is crappy as I downloaded the photo from Google, this Golden EduCalf should give someone an idea ;-)


(I like fiddlin' with graphics ;-) Maryam Webster

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